Maureen Lin Design Portfolio

California Science Center

DOGS! A Science Tail

Concept Development
Art Direction
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Motion Graphics

DOGS: A Science Tail is a traveling exhibit to celebrate and explore what makes the most successful interspecies partnerships of all time - dogs and humans. Working with the California Science Center, we created liner and interactive media to provide engaging ways for visitors to think like scientists. Visitors watch videos about the history of our connection with dogs, the amazing ability of dogs, and our bright future with men's best friend. Our gesture interactives enable visitors to play with a virtual dog and to observe how dogs learn and think through activities in the virtual lab. Visitors celebrate their relationships with dogs by sharing pictures and personal stories.  

As the design lead for the project, I designed all interactives and set the style for liner media production. I also produced animation and illustration working cohesively with the exhibit graphics. It’s a human-sized treat to work with such adorable content and use it to make science fun. Almost converted from a cat person to a dog person.

Project at Unified Field