Maureen Lin Design Portfolio

Museum of Tolerance LA

Social Lab

Concept Development
Experience Design
Art Direction
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Motion Design

The Social Lab facilitates connections, offering local and global perspectives to raise awareness of critical issues, promoting social responsibility in combating intolerance. Visitors explore 16 interactive experiences, progressively building on themes. The experiences offers hope that we re-enter our communities with our hearts and minds more open than we entered.

In my role as the design lead at Unified Field, I produced and art directed the graphic and design elements of our interactive programs, focusing on experience design strategy and concept development. Our experiences aimed to foster candid conversations on challenging subjects and create connections among individuals, with the aspiration of cultivating empathy. My design challenge was to strike the perfect balance, creating an environment that's inviting while also ensuring it's addressing sensitive topics without imposing beliefs.

2022 SEGD Honor Awards, Interactive Experience

Project at Unified Field