Maureen Lin Design Portfolio


Augmented tour

Content Research
Art Direction
Visual Design
Interaction Design

To celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis Presley, Graceland contracted us to transform the original audio guide into an augmented tour in 9 languages. Through the secreted Bluetooth beacons in the space, our app detects an individual's real-time location and reveals location-specific media content - a corresponding 360VR room to explore beyond the designated path, home videos where the events occurred, and related stories together with trivia. As Elvis's story continues to unfold, visitors can "like" their chosen content for later review. To make it family-friendly, visitors can select the classic tour or youth tour, which features kid-friendly content and fun activities.

The user experience is to provide insight as to where the visitors are and why is it special. For the technology framework and app to deliver the experience, content research and creation is the heart of the design process. In addition to UI and IxD design, I was involved in content researching, looking for stories that resonate with visitors. Also created were infographics to visualize Elvis's musical achievements. Our app received great feedback from visitors - it makes an engaging tour and becomes a must-do for the music fans.

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