Maureen Lin Design Portfolio

Morgan Stanley

Plastic Waste Resolution

Concept Development
Art Direction
Visual Design
Motion Design
Video Editing

Plastic Waste Resolution is an initiative by Morgan Stanley, to prevent, reduce, and remove 50 million metric tons of plastic waste from entering rivers, oceans, landscapes, and landfills by 2030. We worked with Morgan Stanley to create content and media assets for event presentation, social media, corporate website, and the headquarters digital signage at Times Square. The 5-week project was live on April 16, ready for the 2019 Earth Day.

I was in charge of the art direction and video editing, with a key focusing on digital signage. Working with the animator, we created a pool of problem/solution mini-campaign following the brand style guide. Each mini-campaign can be played standalone or modularly put together to tell the full story of the initiative. A project that's great to get involved.

Project at Unified Field