Maureen Lin Design Portfolio


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Concept Development
Art Direction
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Video Editing

Located in the heart of Charlotte, the 40,000-square-foot exhibit space features more than 30 multimedia programs and 20 mechanical interactives, integrated with RFID for personalized experiences onsite and online. We developed a comprehensive interactive package to provide a family-friendly museum experience: the racing simulator and pit crew challenges get the adrenaline pumping, Race Week interactive games glue visitors with behind the scene materials, and Heritage Speedway brings the competitive and technical history of the sport to life through artifacts and multimedia experiences.

As the design lead, I drew the idea from the stock cars - the interactives share a universal framework, while each of them could be expressive and loud. The UI design is to adapt all types of media content database. The year-long project thoroughly trained me in systematic thinking. A special project for its unique culture.

Project at Unified Field

Hard Card is an RFID user tracking system to leverage and support the connections with NASCAR fans. Visitors start customizing their experience from selecting a personalized helmet and a celebrity NASCAR host who introduces them to each game and simulation. As fans play and compete, the system records their scores and digital keepsakes throughout the visit and connects visitors to the post-visit NASCAR website.

To bring the NASCAR racing culture to live, we utilized and showcased NASCAR's massive trove of media, including images, videos, driver statistics, race track information, and more.